Nevada’s Premier Roofing Company

  • 390 5-Star Google Reviews
  • 100% Financing Available
  • Fully Licensed and Insured

Nevada’s Premier Roofing Company

  • 300+ 5-Star Google Reviews
  • 100% Financing Available
  • Fully Licensed and Insured

Nevada’s Premier Roofing Company

  • 300+ 5-Star Google Reviews
  • 100% Financing Available
  • Fully Licensed and Insured


Here our two local offices that cover the entire state of Nevada:


Reimagine Roofing is a leading Nevada roofing company, dedicated to serving the roofing services needs of homeowners and businesses throughout the entire state of Nevada. Our team of skilled roofing contractors is knowledgeable, experienced, and dedicated to providing our customers with the best possible solutions. When it comes to commercial and residential Nevada roofing, we have got you covered.

We understand that your roof is the first line of defense against the elements, and we strive to provide you with the finest materials and services available, ensuring that your structure is protected and preserved for years to come. Whether you need roof repair, replacement, or installation, our experienced and knowledgeable roofers have the expertise to handle any project, big or small, and are equipped with the latest tools and technology to get the job done right the first time.

We currently have 2 regional offices here to better serve both the northern and southern portions of Nevada:

Las Vegas (Southern NV): Boulder City | Henderson | Las Vegas | Laughlin | Mesquite | North Las Vegas | Paradise | Pahrump | Spring Valley | and Summerlin South.

Reno (Northern NV): Carson City | Cold Springs | Dayton | Elko | Fallon | Fernley | Gardnerville | Minden | Reno | Sparks | Spanish Springs | Spring Creek | Sun Valley | and Winnemucca.

Nevada is a state with a diverse range of climates and weather patterns. The state can be broken down into several geographic regions, each with its unique climate and weather conditions. The main geographic regions of Nevada are the Great Basin, the Colorado Plateau, and the Mojave Desert. The Great Basin is located in the northern part of the state and is characterized by its semi-arid climate. Some of the largest cities in this region include Reno, Elko, and Ely. In this region, the weather is characterized by hot summers and cold winters.

The Colorado Plateau, on the other hand, is located in the central part of the state and is characterized by its high elevation and cool summers. The largest cities in this region include Las Vegas, Henderson, and Boulder City. In this region, the weather is characterized by hot summers and mild winters. Lastly, the Mojave Desert is located in the southern part of the state and is characterized by its hot and dry climate. The largest cities in this region include Mesquite, Bullhead City, and Laughlin. In this region, the weather is characterized by hot summers and mild winters.

The heat and dry climate in all these three region can be hard on roofs, which can cause them to dry out and crack. The varying conditions of the climates here are yet another reason why regular roofing inspections and maintenance are important in this region.

Nevada was founded in 1864 and since then, the residential architecture of the state has changed significantly. The earliest architectural styles here were simple and practical, with a focus on functionality. As the state grew and developed, more diverse architectural styles were introduced, including Victorian, Craftsman, and Mediterranean. Today, the three most popular roofing architectural styles in Nevada are Contemporary, Mediterranean, and Spanish Revival.

The Contemporary style is characterized by clean lines and simple, flat rooflines. The Mediterranean style is inspired by the architecture of the Mediterranean region and is characterized by red clay tiles and a low-pitched roof. The Spanish Revival style is inspired by the Spanish colonial architecture of the 16th and 17th centuries and is characterized by terracotta tiles and a low-pitch as well.

The three most popular residential roofing systems and materials in Nevada are asphalt shingles, metal, and tile. Each of these systems has its unique features and advantages. For example, asphalt shingles are a popular material in this area due to their affordability and durability. They come in a variety of colors and styles and are easy to install and maintain. They are also resistant to wind and hail damage and can withstand temperatures as low as -20°F.

Metal roofing is another popular material here due to its durability and resistance to harsh weather conditions. Metal roofs are a great choice for homes in regions with high winds and hail, as they can withstand wind speeds of up to 140 mph. They are also energy-efficient, reflecting heat and reducing cooling costs during the hot summer months. They are also lightweight and easy to install, making them a great option for homeowners who want a low-maintenance option.

Roofing tiles are a popular choice here for homes that want a more traditional or Mediterranean look. Tile roofing is made from clay or concrete and is extremely durable and long-lasting. It can withstand high winds and heavy rain, making it a great option for homes in regions with strong storms. It is also fire-resistant and provides excellent insulation, reducing energy costs and increasing indoor comfort.

If you are searching for the best roofers near me in the Nevada area, then look no further. At Reimagine Roofing, we are dedicated to providing you with the highest-quality services possible to keep your business or home safe and protected. We can fix, replace, or install almost any type of material for practically any style you may have.

Our goal is to always provide you with a stress-free and seamless experience from start to finish. We strive to exceed your expectations in terms of quality, affordability, and customer service. Whether you need a roofer in the northern, southern, or central region of Nevada, we have the expertise and knowledge to handle any project. Contact us today for your free no-obligation and comprehensive roof inspection and estimate and get started on protecting your home or business for many years to come!

I was very impressed with all the information that was provided to us during the consultation for roofing and solar. Alejandro is very knowledgeable and offered several options for us to consider. We look forward to working with him.

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Tony and his crew were phenomenal! Friendly, courteous, professional and knowledgeable! Would highly recommend!

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Great company – fair pricing and quality work. They went above and beyond reroofing my home and left it spotless once the job was completed.

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