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Getting a free roofing inspection is like getting a preventative checkup for your home that could help protect it from serious and costly water damage which could wind up saving you thousands of dollars down the road.

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Roof Inspection, Checkup, and Estimate

Do you have unsightly leak stains visible on your ceiling? Do you need to place a bucket or two on the floor whenever it rains? Have you noticed missing or broken roof tiles or shingles when standing outside your home? Or do you suspect that you may have some other type of damage on your roof?

You’re probably thinking to yourself that you should really go up on top of the roof, but it may be a little too daunting of a task to take on. Besides, once you get up there, are you really going to know the hundreds of different warning signs to look for?

So, instead of risking breaking your neck by going up yourself, why not get a free roof inspection from a top-rated and licensed roofing professional instead? An inspection from Reimagine Roofing can be the important first step in making sure it doesn’t deteriorate any further and wind up costing you even more in the future.

Our no-obligation checkup will give you the clarity needed to know exactly what shape your roof is in and whether or not it needs replacing or if there are cheaper ways to fix it that don’t cost as much.

Either way, a preventative examination from the top-rated contractors at Reimagine Roofing can literally help you save thousands of dollars on your home over time. So, if you’re the least bit worried about your roof, contact us to get a free on-site assessment today!

If you need roofing repairs, it’s a good idea to get them completed while it is in the early stages and your damage is still minimal. Our company’s team of certified professional roofers will diagnose leaks and find warning signs of future problems and determine exactly what work is needed before it becomes a much bigger problem. And don’t kid yourself; Yes, if you don’t fix them now, they are only going to get worse!

To know whether or not you should get your roof inspected, there are several telltale signs you can look for that indicate wear and tear. Any time you see these warning signs, it’s essential to have an expert come out to assess your situation. That way, if repairs are necessary, they can be done before any further damage occurs. Here are just some of those warning signs:

  • Noticeable blistered or stained ceilings or walls
  • Torn or separating flashing
  • Missing or damaged shingles
  • Loose or sliding shingles or tiles causing gaps between each of them
  • Peeling paint or water-stained exterior walls near the roof or attic
  • Sagging or wavy ridgeline
  • Your current roofing is 10 years old or older

Don’t let it rain another day before you get your leaky roof fixed! If you think you have a leak or other problem, give us a call today for a no-obligation assessment and avoid paying thousands for repairs because of drywall and insulation damage, wood rot, structural integrity decline, or mold issues. Our experts will evaluate the general condition of your roof, document any problem areas, show you photos of the affected areas, and provide you with an estimate to fix its issues.

Year after year, water damage typically ranks as being in either 1st or 2nd place as the most frequent type of claim covered by homeowner’s insurance. Though most people think about water damage being caused by a natural flood or a burst pipe, some people are unaware that a leaky roof can cause just as much damage too.

The easiest sign to spot that you have a leak is when it shows up first as a mere stain on the ceiling. Eventually, it may turn into more of an intermittent and annoying drip, but eventually, it can turn into a real mess.

But beyond the obvious signs, some of the more severe damage can start off by being caused the unseen and undetected leaks, which is yet one more reason why you should get a thorough and professional roofing assessment.

While a little bit of water here or there may seem harmless at first, you need to understand that ongoing water damage to your roof can lead to more expensive issues like mold growth, compromised structural integrity, and more severe damage to your ceilings, walls, and floors if it isn’t fixed.

We conduct our residential and commercial inspections with a detailed checklist. This ensures that each and every element of your roof is inspected so that no items are missed during the inspection. Our checklists are thorough and help us provide the accurate, detailed inspection reporting we know our clients need.

You might be surprised by what you can learn during a comprehensive, professional inspection. Just like humans, roofs have their own health checks and diagnostic procedures that can reveal potential problems before they become costly issues.

Having your home’s roof inspected should be part of your regular maintenance schedule. If problems are detected, then getting them fixed as soon as possible can save you money in repairs and prevent even further costly damage from occurring.

Once our skilled inspector has thoroughly examined your entire roofing system, they will provide you with a detailed report showing the scope of their findings. This extensive report will give you the clarity that you need in understanding exactly what shapeit is in. It will also reveal whether or not it needs a complete replacement, or if in fact there could be cheaper solutions like just patching or repairing just a portion of it while still having the same effect.

If during our checkup we find issues that you want to get fixed, then we can promptly give you an estimate and quote on how much it would cost to repair or replace your roof.

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