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A roof is one of the most important parts of your home because it helps keep you dry, protects your belongings from the elements, and keeps your home looking good from the outside. If your roof starts to develop problems, it’s always best to take care of them as soon as possible to help you avoid much more costly repairs down the road. The contractors at Reimagine Roofing are experts at detecting any problems with your roof and even offer free inspections to assess the full scope of your problem.

It’s never too early to start thinking about roofing repairs and maintenance. With most roofs, you can notice some of the warning signs by simply looking for them. Some of the most common things that you easily see would be:

  • Curling shingles
  • Torn or missing shingles
  • Worn or bare spots on the shingles
  • Loose or missing tiles
  • Broken or cracked tiles
  • Separating flashing
  • Any other visible damage or wear and tear

Though some roofing problems are hidden, you can still identify them if you know what to look for. For instance, even though the leak may not be readily visible from up above, you can still find hidden leaks by looking for staining or wet spots on your ceiling. By taking note of small problems like these before they turn into larger ones, you can prevent your home from getting damaged further or needing costly replacement down the road.

Whether it’s installing new shingles or replacing a larger damaged section of your roof, our trained professionals can help you sort out any problems and figure out exactly what needs fixing before making any necessary repairs.


“We’re not the cheapest roofers in the business, we’re just the easiest to work with and the most reliable when reputation matters.”